Baltimore Elite Wrestling Alliance
Acronym BEWA
Type Backyard Wrestling
Wrestling base Ring
Established 2009
Location Dundalk, MD
Key people

Chris Bomber - owner, booker

Derrick Dalton - co-owner

Baltimore Elite Wrestling Alliance (BEWA) is an American backyard wrestling promotion, established in 2009 in the Baltimore, Maryland area by Chris Bomber, and currently holds shows in Dundalk, MD. BEWA began with a single brand named Warfare but quickly split into two brands as the roster grew, with the second being named Chaos. BEWA currently runs shows from the end of January until the end of November, holding an event every two weeks (or sometimes three if a holiday coincides with a wrestling weekend), before taking a two month winter break.

BEWA held a close working relationship with another backyard fed known as Xtreme Maryland Wrestling (XMW), which wrestled at the same location but on the opposite weekends as BEWA. XMW was established by two BEWA veterans, Rolland Havick and Derrick Dalton, but was forced to close down at the end of its 2010 year, after which it "merged" with BEWA. During this merger, several of the wrestlers who had been working exclusively for XMW were invited to come work for BEWA (such as The Irish Truth, Johnny Treason, Mr. XNC, and others). In addition, two of the XMW titles, the XMW Championship and the XMW Tag Team Championships, were to be recognized and defended in BEWA.

Major Events

Month Event
February Vicious Valentine
March Brawl For All
April Hell On Earth
May Legacy
June Battleground
July Scars & Stripes
August Eclipse
September Road To Madness
October Ascension
October Damnation
November Fatal Finale
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