Award Winner
Best Hardcore Champion Sinister Death
Best Tag Team Champions Team Awesome
Best United States Champion Ronald Scott
Best Intercontinental Champion Elric
Best Women's Champion Violet
Best BEWA Champion Rolland Havick
Best World Heavyweight Champion Samuel Masters
Funniest Character Matt Masterson
WTF Moment of the Year Mr. XNC busts open a referee with a steel chair
Best BEWA Supporter Art
Best Spot Practice suplexes Masters over the railings into the brick wall
Best Finishing Move The Blackout (Ray Black)
Entrance Music of the Year Violet
Best High Flyer Sinister Death
Best Powerhouse Wrestler Ray Black
Best Technical Wrestler Jacob Practice
Most Intimidating Wrestler Ray Black
Best Promo Cutter Samuel Masters
Best Stable LCW
Shocker of the Year The Triad takes over the BEWA
Show of the Year Fatal Finale II
Best Feud Takeover vs. The Prodigy
Newcomer of the Year Flatline
Most Improved Wrestler Jinx
Female Wrestler of the Year Violet
Best Heel Ronald Scott
Best Face Ray Black
2010 Wrestler of the Year Samuel Masters
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